Select Motorcars Endwell - SELECT MOTORS DEATH TRAPS

3124 E Main St, Endwell, NY 13760, USA
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Purchased a JEEP,LIBERTY, 02/28/2017. Car fax reports dud not show recalls.

Salesman said, we can not sell cars that recalls are not fixed! 6 month warrenty. Sounds good, right! What this dealer does is criminal.

He should be in prison. My family and i experienced first hand what it feels like to nearly die in a defective car. It is a miracle we are alive to talk about it. Driving down the freeeway, NY South bound, 81.

60 to 65 mph. Passing a 18 wheeler, without warning of any kind, the Jeep starts swaying all over the freeway. I tried to steer it,not working. Let off the gas,tried to stop the car,it felt like it was going to flip and threw us in a spin, i had no control over this car.

We were thriwn to the shoulder,nearly hitting a guard rail. A dirt mound stopped the car. That is what saved us. It was a Angel was with us, sparing us the death we were faced with.

Yes, it was tramatizing, scared us out of our minds and as for this car! The Used Auto dealer, Joe of Seoect Motors has no remorse and thinks he is tge victim after i filed a complaint with NY ATTORNEY GENERAL, over this criminal sold me a dangerous,unsafe,non road worthy car that could have cost my whole family and others, their lives. THE CAUSE FIR THIS NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE! UNREPAIRED RECALLS.

Chrysler recalled these cars after families died. From fires to loss of control over rear control arm breaking. That is what happened to this car! I was not provided with a refund, a car rental, nor a decent explanation as to why i should trust Chrysler, the dealership, the repairs that are again known to not cure the dangers of this car!

People need to know. It could cost you and others your lives. Help shut these criminals down and get them licked up.

This is a assualt. Attempted murder!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeep Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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